Gurgaon, Sector 23A: Toxic fumes spell breathing trouble for residents

Thick smoke emanating from a burning garbage dump had nearly 10,000 residents of Sector 23A completely chocked on Friday evening. On inspection, it was found that some unscrupulous elements set fire to the garbage dump, located near The NorthCap University, or NCU. This dump had significant quantities of plastic that burnt and released toxic fumes causing breathing problems for the residents.


A six-acre vacant plot near the university has turned into a dumping ground for garbage in the locality. “Initially, we thought it was dust and pollution, but then we saw this fire near our house and it was unbearable. I had to use an inhaler since I am an asthmatic patient,” said Rajni Sehrawat, a resident of the sector.

Another resident Rajeev Dayal added, “The smoke was hurting our eyes and we all were constantly coughing. We closed all windows and doors and switched on the AC.”

The Municipal Corporation of Gurugram, in the meantime, will challan the culprits and a new dumping site will soon be identified.


Fresco, Gurgaon: Now this is what we call embodying the true Diwali spirit!

On Diwali, about 45 residents of the Fresco condominium in Sector 50, Gurgaon, came together to contribute money to buy essential items for their housekeeping, maintenance and gardening staff. This initiative was taken by Preeta Pradhan, a resident of the condominium. About 120 staff members across support functions were gifted ration items such as rice, wheat, sugar, salt, oil and candles, along with a box of sweets.


The highlight of this exercise was the involvement of the society’s children.

Tanishq, a 14-year-old boy, said, “I am very fond of crackers, but this time it was a different Diwali. I donated Rs 1,000 given to me by my parents for a cause. I am glad I didn’t waste this money on crackers and that it was used in buying ration and sweets for the lesser privileged. I feel great about it.”

Akshar Matta, a 7-year-old, said, “We demonstrated our love for the very people who help us live safer and cleaner lives. The spirit of Diwali is about sharing and demonstrating love.”

Speaking to City Spidey, Pradhan, the woman behind the initiative, said, “We wanted to make the staff members feel special. This gesture also instilled a beautiful feeling of care and giving in our children. Through these acts of kindness, they learn the importance of giving.”

Gurgaon: Rallying for their right to clean air, people block Palam Vihar Road

Friday evening, traffic around the Palam Vihar Road was a veritable mayhem. The residents of Park View Residency, Block C2 and Mahindra Aura had blocked the road. This was done in a bid to protest against the incomplete construction of the road that has caused dust everywhere around leading to breathing problems. As the residents protested, the guards of Park View Residency stepped in to regulate the traffic. The residents also protested against the NGT rules flouted by the construction.

The councillor of the area, Rajesh Yadav arrived on site and assured the protestors that he would be addressing their concerns. Not to be allayed easily, the protesting residents refused to budge from the road. They were adamant even after Deepak Kumar, SHO reached the spot with his assurances. “We want the DCP to come and assure us of concrete action,” they chorused.

Inhaling fresh air is the most basic right that any citizen can ask for. We can’t wait to see people around us landing in hospitals and breathing their last, which unfortunately is already the case. So if the authorities continue to turn a blind eye, they have to face dire consequences from us,” said Pratibha Grewal Chaudhary , a resident of Park View Residency.

The air quality is simply appalling. Why do honest taxpayers have to suffer whenever the authorities neglect their duties? Why don’t we have a right to put MCG officials or other government authorities behind bars when they don’t deliver on their responsibilities? Why should we pay tax when we don’t get any roads, clean water, or even clean air?’ questions Mansi Talwar.

Finally, Bharat Gogia, SDM Gurgaon North met the residents at the protest site and assured them of relevant remedial action. He also acknowledged that the concerns were genuine. Gogia has now created a Whatsapp group to involve the residents in the action taking process.

Kudos, Gurgaon, for sticking to a no-cracker Diwali

It seems the Supreme Court ban on firecrackers really worked in Gurgaon. The city witnessed a relatively peaceful Diwali, with a drastic dip in the number of crackers burnt and air quality better than other years.

Speaking to City Spidey, Raj Kumar Yadav, president of the Sector 46 RWA, said, “Residents of the sector refrained from bursting crackers; we hardly had anyone burning them. We are happy that our no-cracker campaign helped create awareness about the polluting effects of cracker bursting.”

The areas found to be most peaceful were South City I and II, Sohna Road, sectors 14 and 17, and DLF Phase 1 and 2.

DK Yadav, president of the Sector 17B RWA, said, “We had very few houses engaged in burning firecrackers. So overall the scene was pretty quiet. However, this time the stress was on decoration of houses more than crackers.”

It seems it really was a healthy Diwali in Gurgaon, with lesser air and noise pollution this year.

Ggn: This one initiative can shape the future of so many underprivileged kids

In an attempt to give underprivileged students access to books they may not otherwise be able to read, Sangeeta and Lalit Yadav, residents of Malibu Towne and founders of Learn to Serve Foundation, recently started a library for children from Class I to Class XII at Shivaji Park, Khandsa, in Gurgaon.

The chief guests at the inauguration were Raghuvendra Bhatt, acharya of Shringri Peeth Veda Pathshala, Sheetla Mata Mandir, Gurgaon; Ashok Diwakar, vice-chancellor of Starex University; Sukhbir Chauhan, member of Haryana Jal Sunrakshan Samiti; and educationists Sanjay Verma and Mehram Yadav. The inauguration was also attended by Sunita Yadav, newly elected councillor of Ward 22.

Spread across 300 square yards and currently home to 2,000 books, the library aims to fill the gaps in the kids’ education. There is also a teacher available to guide the children who come in to study and make notes.

Speaking to City Spidey, Sangeeta Yadav said, “It is an investment that pays precious interest. The idea is to sow the seeds of education early in these children’s lives.”

She added, “We also really thank all those guests and residents who invested their valuable time lending a helping hand for this library to be set up. Thousands of students’ futures can be shaped by this one objective.”


Gurgaon: Better roads as Diwali gift.

To usher in Diwali, different parts of Gurgaon are witnessing road carpeting.  Rajiv Chowk and South City II were the first ones to witness the makeover.


Haryana Day is on November 1 and celebrations will be held at Tau Devi Lal Stadium. The road on this stretch, known as Bakhtawar Chowk, has huge potholes and is broken at various places. The authorities have now taken the initiative to repair the badly damaged one-kilometre stretch.

The roads of South City II were the next focus.

At a recent meeting with concillors, Rao Narbir Singh, Haryana public works department minister, had assured residents of speedy action and granted Rs 4 lakh for repair work from his MLA funds.

The five-year-old wait for residents finally came to an end.

“We will start work as soon as receive the orders. Cost assessment has already been done by us,” confirmed Gaurav Antil, joint commissioner, Municipal Corporation of Gurgaon.

“We are happy that at least the worst road of our area will finally be repaired,” said Nilesh Tandon, President RWA Fresco.

Gurgaon felicitates its deserving Ola cabbies

Most of us depend on cabs for last-mile connectivity — and most of us forget them just as easily. But this time, their contributions were recognised under the initiative ‘Heroes of Ola’. Road safety officers of Gurgaon traffic police were invited to felicitate the drivers for their road discipline and good conduct.

The initiative, which happened recently, has been carried out in other cities as well, including Mumbai, Bengaluru, Chennai, Kolkata, Pune, and Hyderabad.

Customer feedback — through emails, in-app reviews, Facebook and other social media platforms — has played an important role in judging the performances.

The initiative, officials believe, will provide an impetus to drivers to improve their performance further, and thus, provide safe commuting options for residents.

Speaking to City Spidey, Hira Singh, ACP (Highway), Gurgaon traffic police, said, “At a time when we are surrounded with shocking news on almost regular basis, initiatives such as these will serve as a constant reminder of the goodness and kindness that still exists.”

The initiative will be conducted every month.

“We travel a lot by cabs, and hence, for us to have confidence in their service and conduct is of utmost importance,” said Ashish Nath, a resident of South City I.

Nitesh Prakash, senior director at Ola Cabs, said, “Customers write in through various channels, and with this, we want to encourage a culture of impeccable service among our 9,00,000 driver partners  — and share their inspiring stories with the entire world.”

Driver partner Vinod Kumar, also a Hero of Ola, said, “As a driver partner, I strongly believe that I am responsible for the safety of my customers. It feels great to be recognised.”