Trying to cross this Gurgaon road is like stepping foot on a Formula 1 track!

Residents of sectors 27 and 28, Gurgaon, are wary of crossing the road dividing the two sectors, owing to vehicles plying at high speeds.


The sectors lie on either side of a 1.5-km-long road that connects Golf Course and Galleria. About 500 to 700 cars ply on the stretch daily. Gurgaon News

There have been attempts to slow the vehicles down. Rumble strips were installed right before the intersection to ensure cars slow down. However, it has not made much difference, as cars seldom slow down while driving over them.

“Residents have demanded a traffic signal at the intersection,” said Yogendra Bhatti, president of the Sector 27 RWA. “Just last week, my car got hit by a cab. I’ve just got it repaired.”  Gurgaon Society News

Such accidents are common on this stretch. Sangeeta Das, another resident, said a bicycle rode right into her car and narrowly avoided a major accident.

Commenting on the issue, DCP (Traffic) Balbir Singh said, “We will analyse the traffic situation there and take a call on the traffic signal based on that.”

Gurgaon, Sec 56: Can anybody even walk on these roads!

Residents of Sector 56 in Gurgaon are tired of complaining to the Municipal Corporation of Gurugram (MCG) about bad roads!  Gurgaon News


It’s been years since the authorities carried out any repair work — the crater-sized potholes bear testimony to their nonchalance.  Gurgaon Society News


Those on two-wheelers are the worse off. “We tend to lose balance and fall off. It’s a nightmare really!” complained Vineet Tyagi, a resident.

Speaking to City Spidey, Sudhir Bhardwaj, RWA president, said, “We have reminded the MCG so many times about repairing the roads. But no action has been taken. With the rains in, you can see the condition of the roads for yourself. Our vehicles are also damaged, especially the suspension.”

CITY SPIDEY EXCLUSIVE: Three children stuck in a lift in Fresco, Gurgaon

In a dangerous incident at Fresco, a condominium in Sector 50, Gurgaon, three children, all about 10 to 12 years of age, got stuck in the Tower 4 lift on Wednesday night. The children had boarded the lift to go to their respective floors at 8.20 pm, when the lift came to a sudden halt. The children were stuck in the lift for almost 25 minutes. This is the second incident reported in the past 15 days. A few days ago, a woman resident was stuck in one of the elevators for almost 30 minutes. Gurgaon News


But that’s not the most disturbing part.

Distraught after discovering that the alarm button on the lift was not working, the children started shouting for help, and Ravi Batra, a resident who was passing by, heard their cries and called the gate for help.  Gurgaon Society News

“It was astonishing that even after four frantic calls, the guards took a lot of time to reach the spot,” said Batra, a chief risk officer at an MNC. “The guards arrived after the fifth call. They told me that the children had been rescued. But to my shock, I could still hear them crying for help. This time I called the security in-charge, who called the lift operator [who happens to be the only person available to take care of all the 28 lifts in the society] and the children were rescued.” Gurgaon Local News

“The AMC, or the annual maintenance contract, of the lifts has expired, and OTIS, the agency responsible for maintenance, has not been maintaining them, as Unitech, the builder, owes it Rs 40 lakh,” said Nilesh Tandon, RWA president.

“I went to the Sector 50 police station and registered a complaint about the carelessness, irresponsibility and lack of services. I also discussed the matter with the commissioner of police,” Batra further added. Apartment Management System

The SHO of the Sector 50 police station, Surinder Singh Phogat, said, “We had called a representative from Unitech, who told us that the lift maintenance was Otis’s responsibility. They did admit that their service personnel reached the spot a little late, though. We will now call Otis and seek their explanation on this issue.”

Massive waterlogging and jams on Golf Course Road

Gurgaon’s readiness to face monsoons has been called into question, yet again.


After experiencing heavy rain at about 1 pm today, Golf Course Road and the surrounding areas experienced massive waterlogging and long traffic hold-ups.

There’s water on both sides of Golf Course Road and the nearby sectors of 50, 49, 46, 45 and 38 have been badly affected. Gurgaon News

Though the rains brought down the temperature from 37°C to 31°C, spelling temporary respite for residents, the jams that followed caused major inconvenience to the commuters.

At some junctions, owing to malfunctioning traffic lights, the police had to manage the jams manually.

“I was travelling to reach Sector 14 from Rosewood City and it took me one-and-a-half hours to reach my destination — that too, in the non-peak hours,” complained Neha Garg, a commuter.

At several places, there was no drainage in place for the excess water to flow out.  Almost three cars broke down outside Sector 45, as they could not move out of the water.

Near South City I and II, commuters on two-wheelers stopped mid-way and waited for the rains to ebb out. The rain-filled potholes were difficult to pot on this stretch.

“I was travelling to Banni Square, and was astonished by the huge amount of water on the roads. It took me more than an hour to reach the place from South City I,” recounted Suresh Kadian, a resident of South City I.

“I dread the rains even in this heat. Gurgaon’s infrastructure is just not ready for it. In just an hour, the road outside St Xavier’s High School has turned into a river. There are crater-sized potholes on the road, and it’s an ordeal to walk or drive on these roads,” complained Ruchi Verma, Escape Condominium

Thankfully, no traffic snarls were reported from Signature Tower, Rajeev Chowk, Sukhrali, Iffco Chowk and Bakhtwar Chowk.

Gurgaon, Unitech Escape: Roof leaks under heavy rains

An hour of rains and even roofs of upscale societies in Gurgaon start to leak! The roof of Tower 7 of Unitech Escape in Sector 50 began to leak after heavy afternoon showers today.

Residents on the 17th floor suddenly heard the loud sound of water rushing down. When they stepped out they saw water flowing down the staircase.

Maintenance staff rushed to the roof to identify the leak. However, due to the rains, repair work could not be carried out immediately.

And, this is not the first time that the condominium has experienced construction-related issues.

“The water was rushing down from the 17th floor. At one point, we thought the water would enter our homes,” recounted Vibha Mathur, a terrified resident on the 17th floor.

Tower 7 is one of the incomplete towers at Unitech, where construction work is still on.

 But how can the roof start to leak already? Can the builder please answer!

You probably saw many markets in Gurgaon closed today. Here’s why

Gurgaon had a small-scale mutiny on its hands today. Shops in various Huda markets across the city remained closed, with support from residents. The reason? MCG’s new policy for street vendors.


Following guidelines by the Supreme Court in 2014, MCG is attempting to rehabilitate unauthorised street vendors who create chaos around populated areas and marketplaces. MCG is even offering vendors smartly designed carts which they can buy on instalment. Gurgaon Local News

Angered by this approach, shop owners demanded the removal of the newly set-up carts provided to vendors by MCG, and kept their shops closed in protest.

The protest was most strongly felt in the markets of sectors 4, 7, 14, 31 and 56. Only vegetable, grocery and chemist shops were kept open for residents’ convenience. Gurgaon News

“Our aim was to send a clear message to the district administration that we would not accept encroachments in or around our markets by street vendors,” said Dinesh Sharma, president of the market welfare association of Sector 14. He added that the market would remain close even on Wednesday. Gurgaon Society News

However, the market of Sector 31 was not so considerate towards residents. Even daily needs and vegetable shops were closed today.

Shakuntla, an elderly resident of the sector, said, “Even Mother Dairy was closed. We did not know of this protest by shop owners. It was only after we saw all shops closed in the market and asked shop owners that we got to know they were protesting against MCG.”

Shashikant Sharma, president of the market welfare association of Sector 7, said, “Our intention was to only send a message to the administration that we were unhappy with the way it was executing this street vendor policy. We are not against street vendors; we just them allocated a space away from the market.”

MCG commissioner V Umashankar said, “MCG is only implementing the Supreme Court’s policy. The matter is in the Punjab and Haryana High Court now. I cannot say anything beyond that.”

Gurgaon’s camera museum expected to be completed by March 2018

Municipal Corporation of Gurugram (MCG) and India Photo Archive Foundation, headed by photographer Aditya Arya, today signed an MoU for Gurgaon’s first camera museum at MCG’s Sector 34 office. The MoU will be valid for 11 years.


The museum will showcase more than 1,000 photographs Arya has in his possession, some dating back to the 19thcentury, along with his collection of vintage cameras. It will also include his collection of studio, field and portable cameras from brands such as Kodak, Leica, Ansco, Zeiss, Graflex and Thornton Pickard. Gurgaon Local News

“Along with showcasing the evolution of photography, Museo Camera will also be a centre of learning for photography enthusiasts. It will also help aspiring photographers learn the art,” Arya said. He added that it was a proud moment for him to see his undergraduate obsession of collecting old, vintage cameras from ragpickers take on the shape of reality. Gurgaon News

The project, the cost of which was earlier pegged at Rs 7 crore, has now been revised by MCG to Rs 4 crore. It is expected to be completed by March 2018. Gurgaon Soceity News

“The camera museum will not only be a haven for photography lovers but has all the ingredients of becoming an iconic destination in the city,” said V Umashankar, MCG commissioner. He added that 20 students from Chakkarpur village would be given an allowance for an internship programme at the museum.