Fresco, Gurgaon: Now this is what we call embodying the true Diwali spirit!

On Diwali, about 45 residents of the Fresco condominium in Sector 50, Gurgaon, came together to contribute money to buy essential items for their housekeeping, maintenance and gardening staff. This initiative was taken by Preeta Pradhan, a resident of the condominium. About 120 staff members across support functions were gifted ration items such as rice, wheat, sugar, salt, oil and candles, along with a box of sweets.


The highlight of this exercise was the involvement of the society’s children.

Tanishq, a 14-year-old boy, said, “I am very fond of crackers, but this time it was a different Diwali. I donated Rs 1,000 given to me by my parents for a cause. I am glad I didn’t waste this money on crackers and that it was used in buying ration and sweets for the lesser privileged. I feel great about it.”

Akshar Matta, a 7-year-old, said, “We demonstrated our love for the very people who help us live safer and cleaner lives. The spirit of Diwali is about sharing and demonstrating love.”

Speaking to City Spidey, Pradhan, the woman behind the initiative, said, “We wanted to make the staff members feel special. This gesture also instilled a beautiful feeling of care and giving in our children. Through these acts of kindness, they learn the importance of giving.”


Senior boys of Ryan International Bhondsi detained by CBI for questioning

It seems Ryan International Bhondsi that had made headlines last month for the gruesome murder of an eight-year-old boy in the school premises has not mended its callous attitude and slipshod ways as far as students are concerned. Very recently the boy students of class eleven and twelve were made to stay back in school for a CBI investigation. Ironically the parents were informed of the same by a mere SMS.


Understandably the parents were agitated. Speaking to City Spidey, a male student of the senior section said, “The CCTV footage of the main gate shows four children who were entering the school premises late on the fateful day of the murder.  The CBI wanted to know who these children were as their faces were not very clear. However, it was apparent that they belonged to the senior school section.”

While a group of boys told City Spidey that the footage was not clear enough to aid accurate identification, one boy did say, “They showed us three sets of CCTV footage. This included the main gate, sports room and second floor. One girl and boy from the footage were ultimately identified. The CBI team went from class to class to show the footage and gather feedback”

While the CBI has been working relentlessly to crack this murder mystery, the children of the school have been nervous and unable to forget the brutal murder of the innocent boy.

Gurgaon: DLF5 conducts fire safety drill at Horizon 2

In an attempt to provide assurance against fire outbreak, DLF5 had conducted a fire drill at Horizon 2 one of the biggest corporate points of Gurgaon on Thursday. There were demonstrations on dealing with different types of fire outbreaks along with a display of the appropriate extinguishers. Gurgaon News


More than 1000 people had witnessed the drill.

With Diwali fast approaching, this exercise was indeed well timed. Incidentally, DLF is the only private real estate developer with three imported hydraulic machines. Two of these measure 90 metres and one measures 60 metres. At one level the exercise was also meant to reiterate DLF’s preparedness against any possible incidents of fire outbreak. Apartment management software

“It was interesting to see the drill, which was basically a professional display of various fire situations and how people can adopt some common sense measures to come out safe and sound. Even though in recent years, the number of fire incidents during Diwali have been on a decline with people avoiding crackers, it is good to see that DLF is well prepared for any exigencies,” said Rakhi Talwar, a spectator of the drill.

New RWA for Mahindra Aura, Gurgaon

Mahindra Aura, in Sector 110A, Gurgaon, recently got a newly elected RWA. The election officer, DD Sharma, received 11 names as nominations for the 11 RWA posts. Needless to say, all were declared unopposed winners. Gurgaon News


In the absence of contesting candidates, the returning officers announced all the 11 applicants winners.

The new president of the condominium is Yashesh Yadav, who along with the other members, will be taking over the ad hoc committee.

Vikas and Shyam Sharma were appointed general secretary and joint secretary respectively. While Lokesh Sehrawat was declared vice-president, the position of treasurer was given to Amit Aggarwal. Ankit Vohra, Sameer Sharma, Dr Ashish Jain, Anish Jain, Vinod Sriwastav and Sangita Sharma were declared executive members of the RWA. Apartment management software

Speaking to City Spidey, president Yashesh Yadav said, “We will now be focussing on internal Aura issues, as well as external ones, such as improving road and security conditions in nearby areas, especially on the Dwarka Expressway.”

Gurgaon: RWA of Garden Estate organises a scintillating Diwali Mela

What are festivals without fervour? Fervour that manifests in rituals, food, music, attire and events. Talking about events, Diwali is definitely no exception. It would not be an exaggeration to say that the Diwali melas that dot the NCR landscape, replete with pretty lights, bright colours and gifts signal the onset of the Diwali season. For yes Diwali is indeed a season and not just a festival.


In Gurgaon, the onus of organising lavish Diwali melas essentially rests with RWAs. This year, the Diwali Mela organised at Garden Estate, has been a talking point among pre-Diwali revellers. Gurgaon News

While the mela translated to a shopping extravaganza for the womenfolk, the children enjoyed a plethora of fun events and games. Cuisines from across the northern Indian states definitely added the veritable spice to the mela.  Apartment management software

“It was an enjoyable shopping experience for me as the stalls had exhibited and sold a range of items from home decor, clothes, accessories and household products. Decorative toys from Croatia in the home décor range were a great hit. And the discounts across stalls too were very tempting,” said Rajiv Gupta, a visitor.

The vibrant mela witnessed a significant footfall. “The spread of cuisine across the food stalls ranging from spicy street food to delicious Chinese and continental was a major draw,” said Neetu Raina who was manning a stall.


Gurgaon RWAs press for a cracker-free Diwali

To promote a safe Diwali this year, RWAs of Gurgaon have decided to gun for a cracker-free celebration. Circulars have been issued to condominiums, urging residents to avoid crackers.


“Our environment is already facing a great threat and we must make every possible attempt to save it. Saying ‘no’ to crackers will control pollution around this time to a large extent,” said Vinod Tayal, a resident. Gurgaon News

While the Supreme Court has issued a ban on the sale of crackers, RWAs feel, ideally, the ban should have been extended to bursting them as well. Apartment management software

VMK Singh, RWA general secretary, said, “In our condominium, we have requested residents to not burn crackers. Surprisingly, children, of all people, are more conscious of the harmful impact of crackers and have promised to not burst any.”

In the absence of any court directive the only way to ensure a cracker-free Diwali is spreading awareness, feel residents.

Nilesh Tandon, president of Fresco condominium, said, “The senior citizens and children of our condominium have tried to create awareness on the matter, but it remains to be seen how many people will stick to their words.”

While campaigns have been drawn up to ensure a no-cracker Diwali, RWAs have organised a plethora of events — such as rangoli and diya making, drawing competitions, food stalls — to ensure residents don’t miss out on the festivities.


Gurgaon: Signal up at road dividing sectors 17, 18

To ease movement on the road dividing Sectors 17-18, a scene of regular traffic jams, the traffic police has installed signal at the road.


The signal started operating this Sunday.

Commuters who use this road to reach office areas such as Udyog Vihar and Cyber City or MG Road take almost 45 minutes to cross the stretch, when it should just take 10 minutes. Gurgaon News

This road connects old Delhi-Gurgaon road with the highway, and has been broadened since it proved to be one of the busiest stretches.

“The traffic signal has made life easy for us.  Earlier, getting out of the sector was a challenge,” said Yogesh Malik, a resident of Sector 17B. Apartment management software

“The signal has been put up after repeated reminders and complaints. Hopefully, it will provide us some relief,” said DS Yadav, president RWA Sector 17B.

Speaking to City Spidey, a traffic constable said, “Earlier, we used to control the chaos manually.  But now with the traffic signal, we can divert our energies to other things — we can now implement traffic rules for stringently and catch violators.”