The authorities are turning Noida into a dumpyard…allege residents

Recently hundreds of residents from Noida Sector 22 and 23 along with villagers of Choda Gaon (in the vicinity of Khanpur) had staged a protest against Noida Authority for dumping the city’s waste in a vacant plot of Sector 54.


“The adjoining areas are densely populated. This callous action of the Authority will adversely affect people, animals and birds alike,” claimed protesters.

Speaking to City Spidey today, K Arunachalam, RWA member of Sector 22 said that he along with his colleagues had stopped around 20 trucks from dumping garbage at this site. “We have also written a letter to the Chief Minister, Yogi Adityanath to intervene in this matter,” he added. Noida News

With the growing mounds of garbage, this vacant plot is beginning to resemble the Ghazipur landfill site. “Needless to say there will soon be a slew of health repercussions. We shall not allow the Authority to transform this plot into a landfill site,” Arunachalam added.

Infact residents of neighbouring sectors have started experiencing some adverse effects. In the words of Ramesh Shekhar, a city resident, “The stench has already reached the homes of people. Most houses cannot do without room freshners. People are also suffering from skin diseases.”

Protesters have informed City Spidey that the authority officials are fairly insensitive on their stand. “They are legally justifying their action on the ground that all land belongs to Noida Authority,” shared a protestor.


Two security guards of Ajnara Homes arrested for beating up protesting residents

Bisrakh police has arrested two security guards of Ajnara Homes, a residential society in Noida Extension, earlier today, as they allegedly beat up residents who were holding a peaceful protest in the society against the builder’s non-delivery of basic facilities. Residents allege they were beaten up by bouncers hired by the builder and three of the society’s security guards.


The two security guards arrested have been identified as Sudhir Chaudhary and Ravinder Kumar.

According to residents, they are peacefully protesting on the premises, when a few bouncers and three security guards emerged, and told them to stop the demonstration. When they refused, they allege the bouncers roughed them up and even used coarse language. Noida News

Residents then took the matter to the Bisrakh police, lodging an FIR against the three guards and the unidentified men.

Gaurav Gupta, a resident of Ajnara Homes, told City Spidey that the builder had faltered on providing basic facilities, such as proper security and CCTV cameras.

“Even the firefighting system is not operational, let alone the swimming pool and the club. On top of this, the builder has already taken two years’ advanced maintenance charge from us residents at is Rs 7 per sq ft,” he added.

Residents also said that the builder had not given them completion or occupancy certificates, due to which they had not been able to register their flats. There are more than 150 families living in the society at present.

Ajay Sharma, SO of Bisrakh police station, said that investigation into the case was under way.

Delhi Government rejects user fees proposed by MCD

The Delhi Government has raised objections on the MCD’s proposal of levying user charges under the Solid Waste Management (SWM) rules that were revised in 2016.


About two months ago the Delhi Municipal Corporation (MCD) along with a set of environment experts had framed a draft of bye laws on Solid Waste Management (SWM) proposing user charges on individual households. The proposal was then sent to the state government for approval. City Spidey had reported this development on November 23.

The Delhi Government has now returned the proposal saying it would translate to an additional financial burden on the residents of the city. Speaking to City Spidey, Satyendra Kumar Jain, Delhi Urban Development Minister, said, “Collection of garbage comes under the obligatory functions of Delhi Municipal Corporation.”

The government, however has agreed to allow the imposition of user charges on the commercial and industrial units of the city. Delhi News

The draft suggesting user charges was framed jointly by local authorities and a court appointed panel of environmental experts. According to sources it was the environment expert panel that had actually proposed the user charges.

As per the draft proposal, buildings with floor areas upto 50 square meters (within residential areas) shall be charged Rs 50 per month by way of municipal user fee. Depending on square feet area of buildings, different charges have been proposed.

The draft committee had also proposed different charges on commercial establishments, eating places, hotels, restaurants etc subject to their capacity. These range from Rs 500 to Rs 5000.

Did you attend this unique car rally in Gurgaon today?

On a sunny winter morning, 35 cars participated in a unique rally, in which the visually impaired acted as navigators for drivers, and the deaf and mute as the traffic marshals. The navigators in each car guided the drivers on the best routes to complete the rally, taking them through landmarks with the help of a Braille map. The aim of the rally, named Gurgaon On Saturday, was twofold — awareness of traffic rules and interaction with the differently abled.


The 48-km rally went through Faridabad road, Mangar village, Sirohi, Dumduma, Badshahpur and Gurgaon. The traffic marshals were assisted at every step by volunteers of Uthaan, an NGO based in Gurgaon. Gurgaon News

Speaking to City Spidey, Ajit Kumar, a 12-year-old navigator, said, “It was a great experience to guide the driver. I got to learn so many new short forms such as NH [National Highway].” An enthusiastic athlete, Kumar wants to be a cricketer when he grows up.

Dimple Chopra, the driver being guided by Kumar, said, “It was a beautiful experience, as he shared details of his life with me as well. He spoke of his interest in sports and how he was fond of radio jockeys. His clarity of thought impressed me.”

Sharing his experience, Sanjay Kaushik, founder of Uthaan, said, “The rally turned out to be a success. We wanted people to interact with these kids and learn from them the spirit of life. Further, awareness of traffic rules was also an aim, which was well achieved.”

Dwarka Sector 3 senior citizens request DDA to build them a shelter in locality

Senior citizens of Dwarka Sector 3 want the Delhi Development Authority to construct a shelter in the locality park that can save them from heat and cold. At present, there are five benches that are unable to accommodate all the elderly persons who frequent the park for their daily get-togethers. Dwarka News

The oldest member of the senior citizens’ group is 92, and he gets a place to sit. But many “younger” members have to stand, as the space is limited.

Now, these aged men, numbering over 50, are regulars at the park, where children also play cricket. Which is why the senior citizens want the construction of a shelter with more benches under it, so they can hold their daily meetings more comfortably.

Now the group has prepared a petition for the DDA, seeking the construction of a shelter, with a mesh surrounding it to protect them from cricket ball that can hurt them.

The petition has already been signed by 41 members, all residents of high-rise residential complexes in the locality.

At 92, BB Rajput is the senior-most member of the group. A resident of Heritage Tower Apartments, Rajput said the shelter they seek should be open from all sides but covered with a mesh, so cricket balls don’t hit them.

“It would be ideal if the shelter was of a size 7×6.2 m, with a raised cement flooring, eight benches and one centre table,” Rajput said, adding that “we have made a rough design for DDA to consider”.

DDA can easily fulfil our requirement, as similar shelters as there are similar shelters in the parks of sectors 6, 9 and 12.

MP Sharma, of Balaji Apartments, and a regular at the Sector 3 park, said, “This park is surrounded by many sicieties, such as Balaji Apartments, National Apartments, Astha Kunj Apartments, Heritage Tower Apartments and Welcome Apartments, and is regularly used by many residents. You can see how crowded this park is in the evenings. We are senior citizens and we cannot sit on the ground. We use these benches. But these are not ideal for us,” Sharma said.

A senior DDA official promised to look into the matter and do the needful when City Spidey sought his comments on the senior citizens’ petition.

Visitors to Noida district hospital may need passes from Feb

To better manage the crowd at Noida district hospital, the hospital’s management is planning to implement passes for visitors. If things go as planned, the process may be implemented from next month.


If implemented, only one or two people accompanying the patient will be allowed to enter the hospital. While some visitors say the decision is indeed required, others maintain that relatives visiting from far away places should be allowed to stay with the patient.

Currently, there is no restriction on the number of people accompanying patients in the district hospital. The large crowd of visitors not only causes problems for the staff, but also for the patients. And hence, the hospital management is mulling the implementation of a visitor-pass system. Noida News

More than one or two family members, or visitors, will not be able to stay near the patient at any given point. Passes will also be required if one is just visiting the patient.

Chief medical superintendent, Dr Ajay Agarwal, said, “The way it is right now, several family members stay back with a single patient. This causes a lot of problems, for patients and hospital staff alike. And hence, we are thinking of the visitor-pass system from February 1. This will keep a check on the huge crowds accompanying patients.”

Satpal Singh, who came to the hospital for treatment, supported the hospital’s decision and admitted that one caretaker was usually enough for a single patient. But Sarita Devi, who was at the hospital to take care of her mother, Murti Devi, felt otherwise. She explained those travelling from far away to visit patients should be allowed to stay.

Gurgaon Police decides to relaunch Operation Durga

In the wake of the recent gangrape of a college student in a moving car and the abduction of a 12-year-old girl, Gurgaon Police has relaunched Operation Durga, a public-safety vigilance campaign through which police constables keep a vigil on public areas to ensure women’s safety.


Operation Durga will be implemented in three districts to check the rise in cases of sexual harassment, rape, molestation and other criminal offences against women in public spaces, particularly in bus stands, railway stations, colleges and other institutions.

In a meeting with senior officials, Police Commissioner Sandeep Khirwar, IPS, has discussed a slew of measures to curb the rising instances of crime.

According to Khirwar, once a criminal case is registered by a woman against someone, the police officials will display zero tolerance to the offender. As a first step, the police will document the different kinds of complaints that are registered, along with their respective areas.
 Gurgaon News
“This has been done so we can deploy adequate forces in crime-prone areas,” said Khirwar.

Within a year, Gurgaon Police is aiming to establish new police stations in Dwarka Expressway, the Southern Peripheral Road and the new sectors of Gurgaon.